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Thermal shock resistance is a very important property for the use of ceramics and refractory materials. It is generally accepted that Young’s modulus is a key property in understanding and evaluating the thermal shock resistance of a material. At IMCE in Genk, we offer measurement systems which can measure the Young’s modulus accurately and in a non-destructive manner. Our RFDA or Resonance Frequency and Damping Analyser works on the basis of the impulse excitation technique. This means that an object is tapped with a small projectile, causing it to vibrate. These vibrations are recorded and analysed by the measurement systems


Evaluation of thermal shock resistance

Our RFDA’s are used in different ways to support the evaluation of the thermal shock resistance of materials. The RFDA measurement system is able to accurately determine the Young’s modulus value of a material which is an important parameter to calculate the thermal shock resistance. Apart from that, the non-destructive character from the RFDA measurement system can be used to measure a sample between each thermal shock cycle to evaluate the reduction of Young’s modulus due to the material damage induced by the thermal shock cycle. Except for the Young’s modulus the internal friction or damping value, determined with each RFDA measurement, is a very sensitive measure for the crack propagation inside the sample.

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If you would like to determine the Young’s modulus, which essential to understanding a material’s thermal shock resistance, for composites, refractories or ceramics such as sintered silicon nitride, then you can count on our services. When you have any questions about our measurement systems or services, you can always contact us at