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While our history within the industry goes back as far as 1990, our commitment to innovative technology and high-end development has significantly evolved since then. Over the past 30 years, IMCE has upgraded and extended their product range with different furnaces providing several, worldwide companies and universities with a non-destructive material characterization tool to research more than 15 different material properties. Below we have outlined some of the major milestones IMCE history.



IMCE NV was founded!

IMCE NV was founded in 1995 by Adriaan Brebels, Theo Bollen and Bart Bollen. Actually the initial developments already started in the early 90’s. Like many technological companies, we started in a garage or even better in the attic.

At that time, the principle of the impulse excitation technique (IET) existed for more than 3000 years. When the first ceramic pots were produced, the craftsman knocked at their pots to check the ‘quality’. When we started our first developments, the IET was already standardized (ASTM C1259). Our intension was – and still is – to bring the technique to a next level. Therefore, IMCE focused on the development of a robust signal analysis algorithm on a PC-based system which enables a very good signal analysis even under very rough circumstances with short signal lengths. Parallel with the development of the maths, IMCE developed dedicated high temperature systems. We improved the shortcomings of the standard furnaces to facilitate the IET measurements in a wide range of environmental conditions (temperatures, atmospheres …) and material applications like metals, ceramics, refractories …



Relocation to the Sciencepark in Diepenbeek, Belgium.


As the company has began to grow since the founding year, a larger office space and workshop was required.
IMCE relocated to the Sciencepark in Diepenbeek to adress these needs.
The move allowed IMCE to take on a larger number of projects and continue it’s growth.




Relocation to the new site in Genk, Belgium.

Since the offices an workspace of the Sciencepark have become to small to facilitate the growth of IMCE.
A brand new building was designed to allow further expansion of the company.
With new and modern offices and a state of the art workshop IMCE was able to further invest in it’s high quality measurement systems.
The expanded workshop allowed to build an extensive stock wich allows to optimize delivery times.



Investement in sustainable energy


A substantial investment is made to update the building’s electrical supply. An upgrade with a mid-range transformer adresses the increased demand for electrical power. The upgrade also consists of the installation of solar power panels on the roof of the building. This contributes to companies sustainable energy policy.
With the increase of electrical cars several loading stations are also installed.
These investments further anchor the company at the Genk site.



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