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RFDA Professional

Instrument for advanced material testing.

RFDA Professional: State of the art material analysis instrument

The RFDA Professional is an advanced material testing instrument that includes automated impulse excitation measurements at room temperature. The RFDA Professional system measures the resonant frequencies and internal friction or damping of samples and calculates the Young’s modulus, shear modulus, Poisson’s ratio of rectangular bars, cylindrical rods and discs according to the ASTM E1876-22 standard.

The automated excitation device enables the operator to determine the impact position and the excitation force with high accuracy. The excitation device generates a vibration signal, which a dedicated microphone with a large frequency range detects. The device amplifies the detected signals and sends them to a computer using a data acquisition board. Subsequently, the dedicated RFDA Professional software calculates the elastic properties. The user-friendly interface facilitates easy interpretation and logging of the results.

Atmosphere Air
Excitation unit Manual and automatic
Data aqcuisition Integrated DAQ Board, Sampling rate: 400.000 S/s
PC included Optional
Upgradable to HT systems No
Hardware RFDA system 24
Microphone (10 Hz – 100 kHz)
Manual and automatic excitation unit
Universal Wire Support
Software RFDA Professional
Software Extensions (Optional) Non-Linear Behavior Toolkit
Product Inspection Toolkit

Identify elastic properties with precision:

The RFDA Professional instrument allows advanced material testing by enabling you to identify elastic properties at ambient temperature. The RFDA Professional allows you to effortlessly determine Young’s modulus (E), Shear modulus (G), and Poisson’s ratio (ν) in a single non-destructive measurement, saving you time and effort.


Experience the advantages of non-destructive testing with the RFDA Professional. By measuring near the origin of the stress/strain curve, you can obtain dynamic material properties without compromising the integrity of your samples. Preserve your valuable materials while obtaining accurate results.

High accuracy:

The RFDA algorithm utilizes an iterative process that analyzes the sample’s natural frequencies with high accuracy. The resulting frequency data, combined with the damping value (Q-1), provides you with a comprehensive understanding of your material’s behavior.

Wide range of applications:

From material science to quality control and beyond, the RFDA Professional finds its place in diverse industries. Whether you’re conducting research, ensuring product quality, or optimizing manufacturing processes, the versatility of the RFDA Professional covers a wide range of applications.

Ease of use:

The RFDA Professional comes equipped with a universal sample support system, excitation device (manual and automatic), microphone, and the powerful RFDA System 24. The user-friendly interface and intuitive controls make operation easy, allowing you to focus on your analysis.

Built on expertise:

IMCE measurement system are build on innovative technology developed by our in-house R&D. The RFDA Professional is designed with more than 30 years of experience, innovation, and commitment to excellence ensuring a measurement system of the highest standard.

The Non-Linear behavior toolkit is an optional software toolkit designed to study the amplitude dependent behavior of materials.
This amplitude dependent behavior can be used to detect defects in materials at an early stage.

To perform a non-linear analysis, the measured signal is divided in different parts (time or amplitude window). In each window, the frequency and damping parameters are determined and plotted as function of the vibration amplitude. A shift of these parameters vs. the amplitude is characteristic for non-linear behavior and can give useful information regarding the formation of micro cracks. In general, a certain amplitude threshold is required to open/close the defects (for example: micro cracks, dislocations, …) which leads to non-linear behavior.

Included functions:

  • Step analysis of the time signal.
    The user can define the segments in a time or amplitude window.
    This analysis can be performed during the measurement or on a batch of earlier saved signals.
  • When the amplitude of the vibration (for example: signals from laser-vibrometer) and the
    dimensions and shape of the sample are known, it is possible to calculate the maximum
    deformation amplitude in the signal.
  • Full integration in the RFDA Professional software

The optional  Product Inspection toolkit offers a simplified user interface with go/no go Indication for use in production environments.
All measurement set-up and tolerances are product type configurable.

Within the software’s lab environment, a comprehensive analysis of a particular product can be conducted. This analysis results in a product type that includes the essential parameters for making a go/no-go decision. In production environments, these parameters ( available in read-only mode) can be loaded to inspect the relevant product type.

The user’s task is straightforward: position the sample on the support as indicated by the software, execute the measurement, and let the Product Inspection Toolkit compare the obtained values against the predetermined tolerances within the product type. Following the comparison, the software promptly signals a Go/No-Go/Suspect status.

Included functions:

  • Managing of product types and setting of tolerances
  • Password protection of user levels
  • Save/Load of product types
  • Visual representation of sample setup
  • Go/No-Go/Suspect indication
  • Batch measurements

This module is fully integrated in the RFDA Professional software.


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