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The RFDA LT80 measurement system is designed to perform impulse excitation measurements in a temperature range from -80°C up to +140 °C. Typically an air atmosphere is used, but a more controlled atmosphere can be obtained with an optionnal inert gasflow. Measurements can be performed in predefined intervals during heating and cooling (1-5 °C/min). The results of these measurements are a plot of frequency, Young’s modulus, Shear modulus, Poisson’s ratio and damping (internal friction) versus temperature. Measurements are performed continuously in predefined intervals during the heating and cooling phase. The adjustable positioning of the excitation system and the front loading of the sample guarantee an optimal sample configuration and manipulation.

Internal dimensions of the temperature chamber Width: 400 mm
Depth: 400 mm
Height: 400 mm
Temperature range -80°C to +140 °C
Heating elements NiCr-strip heater
Cooling system Plate-fin cooler
Refrigeration system Mechanical cascade refrigeration system (Air cooled condensator)
Hermetically sealed compressor (R404A/R508A)
Heating/cooling rate 1 – 5 °C/min
Isolation material xxx
Furnace wall cooling N/A
Atmosphere Air (optionally with gas flow)
Furnace (sample) loading Front load
Number of samples 1
Max. length of sample 150 mm
Positioning excitation system Adjustable in height and positioning
Positioning microphone Height adjustable

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material testing of building materials like concrete

Application fields

Applicable to a large material range, even porous and brittle materials due to small strains, such as:

– Metals
– Building materials
– Composites
– Coatings
– And many more


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RFDA Professional



RFDA HT1600 machine