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Young’s modulus for steel

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Measuring Young’s modulus for durable materials such as high carbon steel or other metals is typically done by tensile testing. To be able to obtain accurate Young’s modulus values from a tensile test requires specialized test procedures which are difficult to carry them out in a cost-effective way. At IMCE in Genk, we provide the RFDA or Resonance Frequency and Damping Analyser, which uses the impulse excitation technique to determine the Young’s modulus, shear modulus and Poisson’s ratio in a single test. Applying this procedure as function of temperature gives access to thermo-mechanical properties of high carbon steel. The analysis of the slope of the measured curve as function of temperature gives access to study solid solution of carbon or Nitrogen atoms, point defects, dislocations, etc.


Calculating Young’s modulus and other properties for high carbon steel

How does our RFDA determine the Young’s modulus and other elastic properties such as shear modulus and Poisson’s ratio, for high carbon steel? The very basic principle is that the relevant material is tapped by a small projectile which causes it to vibrate. These vibrations are picked up by a microphone or laser vibrometer and accurately analysed by the RFDA measurement system. The resonant frequency from the flexural vibration mode of a slender prismatic bar in combination with the mass and dimensions are used to calculate the Young’s modulus. Using an appropriate sample geometry enables the possibility to obtain Young’s modulus, shear modulus and Poisson’s ratio of a high carbon steel in a single test. It is not merely possible to determine Young’s modulus for high carbon steel, but also other materials such as cast iron, composites or various materials.

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