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Young’s modulus for sintered silicon nitride

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We provide measurement systems and services to measure various thermo-mechanical characteristics, for sintered silicon nitride and other materials like ceramics, metals etc. By using the principle of the impulse excitation technique, our RFDA equipment performs a small tapping on the material and measures resonant frequency and the internal friction that are the result of this tapping. Dedicated software uses this data to accurately calculate the Young’s modulus and various other material properties for sintered silicon nitride and other materials.


A non-destructive determination of the Young’s modulus for sintered silicon nitride

The major benefit from using the impulse excitation technique to determine the Young’s modulus and internal friction (damping) for sintered silicon nitride as function of temperature is that you only need a single sample. Due to the non-destructive nature of the test, it is possible to perform this method during a temperature cycle without replacing the sample. One sample simply follows the entire temperature cycle and in the meanwhile all the data is collected by the RFDA software. This way, our RFDA or Resonance Frequency and Damping Analyser can plot the Young’s modulus for sintered silicon nitride as function of temperature. Except the Young’s modulus as function of temperature gives the slope of the measured resonant frequency and damping curve access to analyse glass transition temperature of the intergranular glass phase

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Apart from sintered silicon nitride, the RFDA’s we provide at IMCE in Genk can determine the Young’s modulus for other materials such as composites, ceramics, refractory materials or metals like steel, aluminium,…. When you would like to use our services or simply ask for more information, you can always contact us via email at