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Maximize your materials testing and -characterization capabilities with the RFDA Essential. The RFDA Essential offers you the benefits of the non-destructive Impulse Excitation Technique (IET) in a mid-range instrument. Applications range from research to materials analysis, product inspection and many more.

The semi-automated excitation device enables the operator to perform impulse excitation measurements at room temperature. A dedicated microphone with a large frequency range detects the induced vibration signal. The system amplifies these signals and sends them to a computer for analysis resulting in the identification of the resonant frequencies as well as the internal friction or damping (Q-1). The resonant frequencies are used to calculate the Young’s and shear moduli & Poisson’s ratio for pre-defined sample geometries in accordance with the relevant standards, such as ASTM E1876-22. The user-friendly interface in the RFDA Essential facilitates easy interpretation and logging of the results as well as full access to all measurement settings during the measurement.

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