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Are you looking for an alternative for the tensile test or three point bending test to determine the elastic material properties? At IMCE in Genk, we provide the RFDA or Resonance Frequency and Damping Analyser that determines the elastic material properties in a non-destructive manner. The basic principle in this, is the impulse excitation technique. As an effective and highly accurate way to measure Young’s modulus, shear modulus and Poisson’s ratio. The impulse excitation technique is standardized in different standards like ASTM E1876, ASTM C1259 ISO 12680, EN 843-2, EN 820-5, etc. The RFDA measurement systems provide an excellent alternative for the traditional static techniques like tensile test and the three point bending test. Mainly the quite simple test procedure, the speed and accuracy and the wide range of sample geometries are recognized as main advantages of the impulse excitation technique.


Learn about the excellent alternative for the tensile test and the three point bending test to determine elastic properties at elevated temperature

As an alternative for the tensile test and the three point bending test, the impulse excitation technique’s main benefit is that it only needs a single sample to the complete temperature cycle of the test. The other tests typically destroy the sample in order to determine its thermo-mechanical characteristics, which means that it requires various amounts of samples and a significant amount of time. With our RFDA, a single sample is sufficient to be measured during a complete temperature cycle without needing replacement, making it easy to collect a large amount of data points to calculate accurately the Young’s modulus, shear Modulus, Poisson ratio and internal friction. Analysing the slope of the measured curve gives relevant information to study phase transformations, dislocations, glass transition temperature, etc. Our mechanical spectroscopy tools are efficient in determining the properties of various materials such as cast iron, metals, ceramics and refractory materials at room temperature as well as function of temperature.

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